Monday, July 12, 2010

Education does not make you smart!

So,,, today at work was horrible. I do not know how much "personal" stuff is acceptable on here, but I am an open book, so here goes. I work with the military, but I am NOT military, so at times it is hard for my "boss" to relate things to me in a normal fashion... today was one of those days.

He wants to be a drill sergeant and it does not work well ... long story short he told me I could do something, that is needed to get my degree I am working on, but now since he is mad at me, is taking it away.... because to him in the military you do that, you "punish" people. In the real world you should keep your word!! Or I think you should anyway... so I am very mad right now at him.....

And here is the funny thing, he is mad cause he thinks I am looking for another job, because "someone" saw on Facebook that I was.... well truth is I said on Facebook I wanted to move, and I do, not that I was looking for a job... cause I am not. So he is all mad, but instead of just ask me about it, he takes my option to take a class away. THEN tells someone at my office why he was mad. So of course they tell me.. and I am like OMG really... and he is the one with all the "education" and not even smart enough to ask me or hey.. check Facebook???

Oh well... I have not DELETED everyone I work with off my Facebook, and set it to major private, and that will not happen again! I just trust people to much, cause I do what is right, I think they will too.. and that is not always the case...

End of rant.. and in the words of my dear nephew Matt.. .That is all!


  1. Work. Three weeks ago someone was telling me friends at work I was abusing my medical leave. So I blasted them on facebook and then I deleted them.

    So Aunt T are you the one doing all the races with Matt??

  2. Workplace drama... blech. Hopefully things will settle soon.

    Yes Rae, she will be doing Races with me, starting in Febuary.

    That is all.


    Main street AWAITS!

  4. Well - I can vouch for the fact that just because you have an education doesn't mean you're a good boss or a good or smart person for that matter.

    Take a deep breath and kill 'em with kindness ;)!

  5. So...... how's it going??? Haven't heard in a while??? Princess ahoy?